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Top Rated "Excellent" on TripAdvisor by more than 1,300 travellers!
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Top Rated "Excellent" on TripAdvisor by more than 1,300 travellers!
London Calling on Cab

About Black Cab Heritage Tours

Back in 2008, three friends (Rob, Dave & Josh) got together for a pint and they started discussing what they realised was missing for travellers visiting the city of London.

Tourists lined up in droves on double-decker hop-on-hop-off services or big tour coaches passing through the streets of London, hitting landmarks in a flurry, hearing only small soundbites of history in-between every stop, and sharing their tour guide’s attention with 50 other passengers.

Smaller, private car companies also delivered a check-the-box service of must-sees in London but with very limited service, and you could see those vehicles backed up on the Tower Bridge in gridlock each day.

This group of friends wondered if the travellers didn’t know that they were missing out on learning about London’s rich history and discovering its many hidden gems in an efficient and fun way.

One thing they all agreed on was that:

The best tours in London don’t just visit the landmarks and points of interest, they bring the city to life through the stories, and the characters who tell them.

That’s when they decided to create a tour business that combined the best of London, its vibrant culture and its people providing high-quality experiences.

Alas, Black Cab Heritage Tours was Born.


Fifteen years after the sharing of a pint, Black Cab Heritage Tours joined forces with Travel Curious in April of 2023. Together with Travel Curious, we can bring you even more of London’s rich history with our private black cab tours.

Want to book private tours outside of the UK? Click here to go to the Travel Curious website for more wonderful, private experiences.


Our Formula is simple

At Black Cab Heritage Tours we believe that an iconic Black Cab AND a Professional London Driver Guide are the perfect combinations for providing exceptional private tours for our guests.

Unlike in many other countries in the world, in the United Kingdom, a London Cabbie is a highly regarded and revered profession and they are almost as famous as the Black Cabs that they drive, due to their extensive ‘Knowledge’ of London.

  • They know precisely every street and every landmark, and can take the fastest and shortest route without any use of GPS or navigation equipment.
  • They pass the most rigorous test called “The Knowledge” to obtain their license.
  • They are accredited tour guides and many have gone on to complete university degrees in history.
  • Driver guides are natural storytellers and they are passionate about their city.

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